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Most modern building materials are made out of predominantly impervious ingredients such as cement,resins and synthetic paints that are not breathable this means they do not have the ability to regulate internal humidity,nor allow for the movement of moisture and air through them.

They can therefore trap moisture within the fabric of a old building.

With the advent of double glazing and central heating and the need to seal our homes air tight we create an enviroment that will not allow the moisture we create to escape.

By using lime and natural based finishes these conditions can be greatly improved or eliminated by regulating the internal humidity.

There are a large variety of breathable lime/earth/silicate paints and washes that can be applied onto lime rendered/plastered walls.

Which will work in a different way to modern waterproof paints,they will along with the plaster/render help to facilitate a exchange of moisture in and out of the walls




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